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Annual General Meeting - 17 November 2007

Annual General Meeting - 17 November 2007

The AGM was held in the Brunel Room of the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum in Bristol.

The meeting began at 12 noon with with the formalities and the election of a Vice President and the officers and members of the committee.

After a break for lunch, there was a visual account of the Malta/Tripoli visit which included a compilation of photos chosen and sent in to the compiler by members of the group.

The chairman, John McGregor then explained to the membership why he felt it was important to find the exact position of Neptune. He outlined the importance of co-operating with the Libyans on this venture as Neptune lies in Libyan waters and is not a war grave as such, but is designated a maritime grave.

An offer has been made, in writing, by the Libyan Diving Association to take over the search for Neptune, which will be on the basis of find, look, but don't touch. The Libyans have also stated that, once found, the site will be made a restricted area.

John stressed that this is a long term aim and nothing will happen in the near future.

A vote was taken and a substantial majority of members present endorsed the committee's recommendation to support the venture.

53 members attended the meeting.



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