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NEW! Pathe Newsreel of Launch

Royal Navy in World War II Site
Battleships & Cruisers Site
World War 2 Cruisers (select RN SHIPS, Leander - Swiftsure, Leander, Neptune)
Royal New Zealand Navy Site
Extract from "The Royal New Zealand Navy" by S D Waters

Specific to HMS Kandahar

Royal Navy in World War II Site
Battleships & Cruisers Site
HMS Cavalier site (select WW2 Losses, "K", Kandahar)

(Note: the above sites can be searched for details of many other warships.)

Specific to HMS Lively

A History of HMS Lively

Other Naval Reference Sites : Royal Navy in the Mediterranean - June 1941 to November 1942
Royal Naval Museum
Liddell Hart Centre - Military Personnel Archives Directory (incl Admirals)
Regia Marina Italiana - The Italian Navy in WW2
Comando Supremo - 1941 from Italian Military Perspective
U-boat Net - Mainly German Submarines
U-boat Net - More General Naval Enthusiasts' Forum
Mediterranean Minesweeping
International Naval Research Organisation (Warship International publishers)
Starfish: Divers Nick Gilbert & Adina Ochert from our Libyan voyage

Similar Associations' Sites

Other Relevant Reference Sites

National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, Staff - Site of the Neptune Memorial

Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Public Records Office
The National Archives

Ship Model Related Sites

H-P Models (Germany) - 1/700 Resin HMS Neptune (1936) kit
H-P Models (Germany) - 1/700 Resin HMS Kandahar (1939) kit
White Ensign Models - 1/700 Resin HMS Neptune (1941) kit "Coming Soon"

Some Related Video Footage

Victory at Sea: 5. Mediterranean Mosaic
Part One  Part Two  Part Three

Victory at Sea: 8. Mare Nostrum
Part One  Part Two  Part Three

World War II Battle for Malta in Colour
Part One  Part Two  Part Three

Contemporary newsreel footage of Neptune's sister ships
 HMS Achilles returns home
HMS Ajax returns home


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