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These pages are dedicated to those who died on HMS Neptune and HMS Kandahar on 19th December 1941.

Put the surname of the casualty in the search box for quick access to all those with that name.  The search box can also be used to list all casualties under headings such as New Zealand, Marines, Kandahar, South Africa or Australia. This also works in a search by age ie Age 17 or age 44 to determine the age spread of the casualties, or to see who else came from a home town like Tooting or Dunedin.



Official Admiralty casualty list. HMS Neptune. Sunk 19/12/1941.

Officers missing presumed killed.


Captain Rory Chambers O'Conor RN (in command)
Commander P.A.Berry RN.
Commander (E) A. Holt RN.
Surgeon Commander T.C. Larkworthy RNVR (Acting).
Paymaster Commander J.H. McGregor RN (Acting).
Chaplain The Rev. T. Harris RN.
Captain N.L. W. Millar Royal Marines (Acting).
Lieutenant P.C.R. Arbuthnot RN.
Lieutenant DJ. Bullimore RNVR (South Africa) (Acting).
Lieutenant R. T. Coulton RNVR (Temporary).
Lieutenant D.C. Cunningham RN.
Surgeon Lieutenant C. Fraser RNVR (Temporary).
Lieutenant (E) G.E.A. Freeland RN.
Lieutenant H.D. Hartnoll DSC Royal Marines.
Lieutenant A.B. Hill RNVR.
Lieutenant (E) F.A.V.Jackson RN.   (no photo)
Lieutenant (E) J.M. Knowles RN.
Paymaster Lieutenant M.B.H. Marshall RNVR (Temporary).
Lieutenant the Hon. John North (Baron North) RN.
Instructor Lieutenant W.H. Osborne RN (Temporary).
Surgeon Lieutenant E.B. Riding RNVR (Temporary).
Lieutenant (E) I.B. Tetley RN (Temporary).
Paymaster Lieutenant B.M. Thomson RNZNVR
Lieutenant D.J. Wilson RNVR.
Lieutenant F.A. Woodward RN.
Lieutenant F .H. Wright RNVR.
Sub-Lieutenant D.R.L. Bevan RN.
Schoolmaster Mr D. Metcalf R.N.
Commissioned Gunner T. Edmans RN (Temporary).
Warrant Mechanician M.W. Evans, RN.
Warrant Shipwright H. Hoar, RN (Temporary Acting).
Commissioned Gunner C.K. Laban. RN.
Commissioned Gunner F.C. Prince RN.
Warrant Engineer E.W.E. Sainty RN.   (no photo)
Warrant Electrician V.T.W.I. Wilks RN.
Midshipman C.D.E. Badcock RN.
Midshipman P.H.C. Bastable RN.
Midshipman M.A.S. Ensell RN.
Midshipman D.B. Forbes RN.
Midshipman D.R. Holloway RN.
Midshipman D.A. Houston RN.
Midshipman A.D. Jay RN
Midshipman A.A. Markwick RN.
Paymaster Midshipman M.G.H. Mawson RN.
Midshipman B.B. McPherson RNZN (New Zealand - Dunedin).
Midshipman P.B. Medlicott-Vereker RN.
Paymaster Midshipman B.C. Robinson RN.


RN ratings missing presumed killed.


Abell, Frederick J.,Leading Supply Assistant
Adsetts, William I.,Ordinary Seaman (South Africa) SA   (no photo)
Allen, George E.,Plumber   (no photo)
Allen, Joseph F.,Stoker   (no photo)
Allridge, Arthur,Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Arculus, Edward A., Leading Telegraphist
Armour, Daniel, Ordinary Seaman    (no photo)
Ashton, Charles, Master at Arms
Aspinall, Jack, Leading Sick Berth Attendant
Auger, Thomas F., Ordnance Artificer
Bailey, Edward, Stoker
Baker, Ernest, Able Seaman
Baker, Walter J., Stoker
Baker, Walter, Leading Seaman
Baker, William, Cook (S)
Baldwin, Cornelius. Stoker   (no photo)
Ball, William F., Petty Officer Stoker
Ballinger, Frederick, Petty Officer Stoker
Barlow, William H., Stoker   (no photo)
Barnes, Albert J., Chief Stoker
Barnett, William, Leading Stoker (SA widow)
Bartlett, Owen J., Able Seaman
Barton, Malcolm R., Ordinary Telegraphist   (no photo)
Batt, William J., Chief Shipwright
Baxter, Ronald, Steward   (no photo)
Bell, Reginald, Stoker
Belsom, Richard A., Ordinary Seaman
Bennett, Alfred, Stoker   (no photo)
Bennett, Edward D., Leading Seaman   (no photo)
Bennett, Geoffrey, Joiner   (no photo)
Billington, William, Stoker   (no photo)
Birmingham, William, Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Bisby, Bernard, Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Black, Thomas F., Leading Stoker
Blake, Frederick C., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Blight, James H, Engine Room Artificer   (no photo)
Boddington, Fred, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Booth, Alan V., Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Bosley, George C.S., Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Bowron, Leslie C., Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Brabyn, Kenneth A., Engine Room Artificer   (no photo)
Bradburn, Ernest., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Bradwell, Arnold H., Engine Room Artificer
Branson, Wilfred F., Chief Petty Officer   (no photo)
Brant, John N., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Braunton, Thomas J., Leading Stoker   (no photo)
Bright, Reginald W., Leading Seaman   (no photo)
Bristow, Franklin W., Able Seaman
Brooks, James S., Able Seaman
Brough, Arthur, Boy Seaman
Brough, Caleb D.S., Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist   (no photo)
Buckingham, William, Leading Stoker   (no photo)
Bull, James W., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Bull, Reuben T.G., Sick Berth Attendant
Burdett, George, Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Burley, Morris, Petty Officer Stoker   (no photo)
Burns, Ellick T.E., Stoker
Burton, Albert H., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Buxton, Richard, Engine Room Artificer   (no photo)
Came, Edgar R., Stoker   (no photo)
Campbell, Keith, Able Seaman (Australia)   (no photo)
Canterbury, Fred, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Carroll, Frank, Stoker   (no photo)
Carter, George, Leading Stoker   (no photo)
Carter, Thomas, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Carthy, James G., Petty Officer (Eire) IRELAND   (no photo)
Carty, John J., Petty Officer Telegraphist
Chamberlain, Albert H., Stoker
Chamberlain, Frederick J., Leading Seaman
Charles, David W., Petty Officer Steward
Charman, James P., Leading Steward
Clark, John C., Sick Berth Attendant   (no photo)
Clayden, Victor J., Chief Stoker
Cleary, Patrick J., Coder   (no photo)
Clemm, William E., Stoker   (no photo)
Cock, Edwin A., Boy Telegraphist
Cole, Raymond M., Boy Seaman
Coleman, Ernest C., Chief Petty Officer
Connor, John, Stoker
Cornish, Reginald E., Chief Petty Officer Cook (S)
Costello, James S., Petty Officer   (no photo)
Cousins, Ernest G., Electrical Artificer   (no photo)
Creek, John A.T., Chief Petty Officer Sick Berth   (no photo)
Cregoe, Albert E.T., Petty Officer Stoker
Crisp, Kenneth S.F., Telegraphist   (no photo)
Crook, Ernest, Leading Seaman   (no photo)
Crossley, Harold, Stoker   (no photo)
Cunningham, Thomas, Petty Officer Stoker (South Africa) SA
Curtis, Cedric C., Canteen Assistant
Darcy, Richard, Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Darton, William G.S., Petty Officer   (no photo)
Daulton, Raymond G., Stoker (South Africa) SA   (no photo)
Davies, Alan S., Stoker
Davies, Thomas W., Ordinary Seaman
Day, Robert F., Boy Seaman   (no photo)
Denney, Raymond, Ordnance Artificer    (no photo)
Desoer, Allan, Ordinary Telegraphist
Dixon, James A., Telegraphist
Dixon, James B., Stoker   (no photo)
Dodd, William J., Boy Seaman   (no photo)
Donaldson, James N., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Donaldson, Thomas, Able Seaman
Donoghue, Stanley C., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Donovan, John, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Dornom, Herbert E., Shipwright
DowIe, Percy G., Stoker   (no photo)
Drake, Kenneth, Boy Telegraphist   (no photo)
Duffy, John A., Wireman   (no photo)
Duncan, Harold, Able Seaman
Durham, Victor G.R., Boy Seaman (South Africa) SA   (no photo)
Edward, Thomas G., Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Edwards, Frank B., Stoker   (no photo)
Elder, Alexander, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Elliott, Ernest H., Ordinary Seaman
Ellis, George H., Yeoman of Signals   (no photo)
Elson, Dudley V., Leading Seaman
Esterhuyse, Adriaan J., Stoker (South Africa) SA
Evans, Edward T., Leading Seaman   (no photo)
Evans, John C., Electrical Artificer
Evans, John, Leading Signalman
Evans, William H., Petty Officer
Falzon, Angel G.F., Asst Steward (Malta)   (no photo)
Farish, Robert J., Leading Seaman
Feltwell, Thomas G., Petty Officer Stoker
Fenn, Charles, Ordinary Telegraphist   (no photo)
Fewins, Arthur K., Engine Room Artificer
Field, Ronald F.G., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Field, William A.A., Petty Officer Cook (S)
Fielding, George S., Leading Telegraphist   (no photo)
Flaherty, Harold L., Leading Seaman
Flett, Arthur, Seaman   (no photo)
Flowers, Ernest R., Chief ERA
Ford, Edward W.G., Supply Chief Petty Officer
Forrest, Alexander J., Leading Steward   (no photo)
Forster, Thomas, Leading Stoker
Francis, William, Petty Officer Stoker   (no photo)
Gailes, Wilfred, Wireman   (no photo)
Gardiner, Frank R., Leading Seaman
Garner, Percival, Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Garry, Desmond J., Ordinary Seaman (Eire) IRELAND   (no photo)
Gaudern, William H., Engine Room Artificer   (no photo)
Gilchrist, Peter H., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Gill, Frank G., Stoker (South Africa) SA   (no photo)
Gillingham, Alfred M., Leading Stoker
Glancy, John, Able Seaman
Glanville, E. John., Chief ERA
Glover, Charles G., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Goff, Sidney E., Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Good, Cecil G., Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Gore, James A., Petty Officer Stoker (South Africa) SA
Gorey, Wallace M., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Grant, Alistair Macdonald, Boy Seaman   (no photo)
Grant, Michael E., Leading Cook (S)
Gray, Edwin, Wireman
Green, Frank B., Petty Officer Stoker (South Africa) SA   (no photo)
Green, Kenneth, Supply Assistant   (no photo)
Greensmith, Harry, Stoker
Grierson, William, Ordinary Seaman
Griffith, Henry E., Petty Officer Writer   (no photo)
Griffiths, Robert A., Ordinary Telegraphist   (no photo)
Griffiths, Trevor E., Petty Officer Stoker   (no photo)
Griffiths, William E., Able Seaman
Griffiths, William, Leading Stoker
Gritton, Thomas, Ordinary Seaman
Gundry, William G., Petty Officer Stoker
Guthrie, John W., Joiner   (no photo)
Hague, Douglas, Signalman   (no photo)
Haines, Walter, Boy Seaman   (no photo)
Halford, Jonathan J.H., Ordinary Telegraphist
Hall, Clifford A., Stoker
Hall, Edwin L., Leading Stoker   (no photo)
Hall, John W., Stoker
Hall, Leonard G., Ordinary Seaman
Hall, William A., Chief Stoker   (no photo)
Hamilton, Albert, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Hancock, Christopher U, Chief Mechanician
Handford, Bertram C, Leading Cook (S)   (no photo)
Hanley, Bernard H., Boy Seaman
Hannaford, William H., Stoker   (no photo)
Harbon, Reginald E., Chief Yeoman of Signals   (no photo)
Harland, Frederick, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Harper, Frank, Stoker
Harris, Ernest W.S., Leading Stoker
Harris, Lionel H., Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Harrison, David A.C., Stoker   (no photo)
Harrison, Fred, Stoker   (no photo)
Harrison, John A., Stoker
Hassell, John, Stoker
Hatcher, Sidney G.W., Stoker   (no photo)
Hathaway, Cyril D., Petty Officer Telegraphist   (no photo)
Hawkins, John H., Petty Officer   (no photo)
Hay, Duncan E.G., Chief Petty Officer   (no photo)
Hedges, George H., Stoker   (no photo)
Heighes, John (Jack) W., Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Henry, Bernard, Stoker   (no photo)
Henry, Michael W., Steward (St Helena)   (no photo)
Hicks, Stanley, Stoker
Hickson, Joe, Stoker   (no photo)
Hill, James, Stoker   (no photo)
Hill, Richard, Yeoman of Signals   (no photo)
Hinson, George A., Stoker
Hoad, John H., Able Seaman (New Zealand) NZ   (no photo)
Holden, Edgar G., Boy Seaman
Holiday, Keith A., Ordinary Telegraphist
Holyome, George J., Wireman   (no photo)
Honeywood, Hubert T., Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Hooper, Leonard, Sailmaker's Mate   (no photo)
Hopkinson, Joseph, Leading Stoker   (no photo)
Hopwood, George, Ordinary Seaman
Horton, Douglas E., Stoker   (no photo)
Hosking, Reginald, Boy Seaman   (no photo)
Hudson, John, Engine Room Artificer
Hughes, Edward, Ordnance Artificer
Hughes, John, Able Seaman
Hunter, Cyril G., Wireman
Hussey, Edward J., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Hutchings, Hubert R., Leading Cook (S)
Hutchinson, Horace, Stoker   (no photo)
Hyem, Ian McConnachie, Coder
Irwin, Leslie C., Chief Petty Officer Cook (O)
James, Arthur B., Blacksmith
James, Peter, Petty Officer
Johns, Arthur S., Chief Petty Officer Cook (S)
Johns, William C.A., Leading Stoker   (no photo)
Johnson, Edward W., Petty Officer   (no photo)
Johnson, Harry, Ordinary Seaman
Johnson. Herbert, Engine Room Artificer (South Africa) SA   (no photo)
Jones, Alwyne, Chief Electrical Artificer
Jones, Harry, Wireman
Jones, John, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Jones, Peter K., Canteen Assistant
Jones, Reginald D., Ordnance Artificer
Keefe, Abel, Able Seaman (Newfoundland)
Kemp, Alexander A., Able Seaman (Australia)   (no photo)
Kennedy, Robert, Ordinary Seaman
Kenworthy, George E., Petty Officer Stoker
Kerr, Charles S.G., Stoker
King, Charles L., Leading Seaman   (no photo)
Kingston. Charles C., Stoker   (no photo)
Kinross, John B., Petty Officer Stoker   (no photo)
Kitts, Richard K., Stoker
Knight, John, Able Seaman (South Africa) SA   (no photo)
Lake Courtenay W., Leading Seaman   (no photo)
Lambert, Louis C., Able Seaman
Lancaster, Frederick George J., Able Seaman
Lanchbury, Charles W., Petty Officer Cook (O)   (no photo)
Lang, Albert W., Petty Officer   (no photo)
Lavis, Ernest G., Petty Officer   (no photo)
Lawson, Donald L., Engine Room Artificer (South Africa) SA   (no photo)
Legg, Robert J., Able Seaman
Lewney, Kenneth, Ordinary Telegraphist
Light, John R., Leading Stoker
Lloyd, James, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Lobb, Thomas H., Leading Stoker   (no photo)
Lock, John, Chief EA   (no photo)
Lockie, James, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Logue, William R.J., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Long, Norman F., Stoker   (no photo)
Longston, Aubrey J., Stoker   (no photo)
Loughland, Jack, Cook (O)   (no photo)
Lowe, John F., Electrical Artificer
Lowings, George W.R., Petty Officer Regulating
Lowthian, John E., Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Lunn, James G., Cook (O)
Lynes, William B.N., Petty Officer Telegraphist
Lyons, Arthur, Stoker
Mabb, George E., Stoker   (no photo)
Mantle, James A.E., Petty Officer Cook (S)
Marsden, Thomas, Ordnance Artificer    (no photo)
Martin, Cyril R. W., Engine Room Artificer
Martin, Francis L., Leading Seaman   (no photo)
Mason, William H., Ordinary Seaman
Mayes, William, Stoker   (no photo)
McBride, John P., Able Seaman   (no photo)
McCarthy, Michael J., Stoker (Eire) IRELAND   (no photo)
McGlead, Patrick J., Boy Seaman   (no photo)
McGowan, Garnet D.W., Able Seaman   (no photo)
McLean, John L., Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
McNally, Daniel, Leading Seaman (Eire) IRELAND
McSweeney, Timothy, Leading Stoker (Eire) IRELAND   (no photo)
McTigue, Charles J., Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Mead, Ronald H., Ordinary Signalman   (no photo)
Medland, William H., Stoker
Medlow, Wilfred H.D., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Mee, Leslie E., Stoker
Miller, William, Able Seaman
Montanaro, Emmanuele, Asst Steward (Malta)   (no photo)
Moody, Donald ER., Able Seaman
Morey, Ernest J., Stoker   (no photo)
Morris, Arthur H., Mechanician   (no photo)
Morris, David L.W., Boy Seaman   (no photo)
Mortimore, Cyril A., Petty Officer   (no photo)
Morton, Edwin G.T., Stoker
Mossop, John, Stoker   (no photo)
Munro, Stanley, Stoker
Murphy, John, Blacksmith   (no photo)
Mustoo, Norman C., Able Seaman
Needham, George W., Stoker
Nelson, Walter H., Petty Officer   (no photo)
Newell, William A., Able Seaman
Newton, Emmanuel, Leading Stoker
Nicholls, Henry H., Stoker
Nicholls, Joseph C., Leading Steward
Norrish, William S., Able Seaman   (no photo)
O'Brien, Arthur, Able Seaman   (no photo)
O'Brien, Frank, Stoker
O'Mara, Donald H., Able Seaman
O'Shea, James, Ordnance Artificer   (no photo)
Oldham, William A., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Oliver, Thomas, Leading Seaman
Oosterberg, Leslie., Stoker (South Africa) SA   (no photo)
Orman, Leslie F., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Ovenstone, Peter, Wireman   (no photo)
Oxley, Ronald, Able Seaman
Oxley, William, Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Painter, Ronald, Engine Room Artificer
Palmer, Ivo, Able Seaman
Parrott, Philip H., Sick Berth Attendant   (no photo)
Paske, Robert A., Petty Officer Stoker
Paskell, Frederick W., Stoker
Paver, William G.M., Boy Seaman
Payne, Charles G., Boy Seaman
Payne, Herbert J., Stoker
Pearson, Sydney F., Boy Seaman
Peel, Alan, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Pereira, Cecil A., Stoker (South Africa) SA
Perkin, David C., Leading Stoker   (no photo)
Perkins, David O., Petty Officer Stoker
Perrin, Ernest R., Stoker   (no photo)
Phillips, David, Chief Petty Officer Stoker
Phillips, Frederick W., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Phipps, Alfred, Leading Stoker
Phipps, William G., Able Seaman
Pidden, John F., Stoker   (no photo)
Pilling, Douglas, Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Plackett, Gilbert G., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Platt, Frank F., Petty Officer   (no photo)
Pollard, Albert, Able Seaman
Powell, Raymond M., Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Price, Albert W.F., Able Seaman
Price, George Alexander Petty Officer
Price, Hanley B., Chief ERA   (no photo)
Priestley, John T., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Pritchard, William F., Leading Seaman   (no photo)
Pugh, Cyril W., Able Seaman
Quine, Henry T., Leading Stoker   (no photo)
Quinn, Joseph B., Ordnance Artificer
Ralph, Edwin, Stoker
Rawcliffe, Ted, Leading Seaman   (no photo)
Read, Victor S., Boy Seaman   (no photo)
Reed, Arthur, Leading Seaman   (no photo)
Reed, Denis, Petty Officer (South Africa) SA   (no photo)
Rees, Humphrey D., Supply Assistant
Regan, Daniel, Mechanician
Richardson, Edwin, Stoker   (no photo)
Ridsdale, Ernest, Petty Officer Stoker   (no photo)
Roberts, Bertram A., Stoker   (no photo)
Roberts, Edwin S., Petty Officer
Robertson, Robert M.B., Ordnance Artificer   (no photo)
Rodhouse, Norman W., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Rogers, Alfred W., Stoker
Russell, Edward J., Petty Officer Stoker (South Africa) SA
Rutherford, James D., Petty Officer Supply (South Africa) SA
Sanders, Eric W., Stoker
Savage, Burnham N., Asst Steward
Scamp, John A.D., Asst Steward   (no photo)
Scholes, Patrick J., Boy Seaman
Scott, George, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Scott, John W., Supply Assistant   (no photo)
Scrine, Robert, Leading Stoker   (no photo)
Sears, Leonard W., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Sears, Ronald G., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Shaw, Douglas, Able Seaman (Rhodesia) RHODESIA   (no photo)
Shay, Douglas, Leading Stoker   (no photo)
Sheppard, William F.E., Petty Officer Steward   (no photo)
Shilston, Edward A.C., Petty Officer Stoker
Shortt, Alfred J., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Simm, Joseph, Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Sisk, Phillip D., Able Seaman (Eire) IRELAND   (no photo)
Skellam, James A., Stoker   (no photo)
Skentelbury, John L., Shipwright
Skinner, Thomas H., Leading Seaman   (no photo)
Sly, Leonard G.H., Canteen Manager
Small, John W., Ordinary Coder
Smith, John, Ordinary Seaman
Smith, Leonard A.A., Stoker
Smith, Stanley, Able Seaman
Smith, William H., Leading Telegraphist (New Zealand) NZ
South, Alfred E., Petty Officer Stoker   (no photo)
Speake, Norman S., Telegraphist   (no photo)
Spink, Sydney, Stoker   (no photo)
Spivey, William A., Ordinary Seaman
Spriggs, Frederick J., Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Stainsby, Thomas F., Stoker   (no photo)
Staley, Leonard, Stoker
Stannard, Colin F., Leading Seaman
Statham, Sydney, Wireman   (no photo)
Stewart, Joseph, Ordinary Telegraphist   (no photo)
Stowers, George F.J., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Street, Stanley W.H., Boy Seaman   (no photo)
Symes, Richard J., Stoker
Symons, William C.F., Boy Seaman
Taylor, Frank, Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Taylor, Harold, Able Seaman
Taylor, James A., Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Taylor, Joseph, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Taylor, Stanley A., Boy Seaman   (no photo)
Thacker, Charles E., Able Seaman
Thomas, David, Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Thomas, Edgar W.G., Petty Officer   (no photo)
Thomas, Francis H., Stoker   (no photo)
Thomas, Frederick, Petty Officer   (no photo)
Thomas, Hubert, Cook (O)
Thompson, Edward A., Leading Seaman
Thorne, Walter J., Mechanician
Thornhill, Frederick H., Petty Officer Stoker
Tiley, Alfred J., Stoker   (no photo)
Tinkler, Francis M., Ordinary Seaman
Tinsley, William R.C., Canteen Assistant
Tipping, Joseph S., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Titcombe, Reginald, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Tomkinson, John, Stoker   (no photo)
Tostevin, Donald E., Leading Stoker   (no photo)
Townsend, Henry C., Stoker (South Africa)
Tracey, John, Stoker   (no photo)
Travers, Cecil J., Ordinary Seaman
Trench, David S.C., Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Trubey, William H., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Tucker, Rupert F., Petty Officer Stoker
Tudge, Edwin R., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Tull, Leslie C., Petty Officer
Turley, Reginald C., Leading Seaman
Turner, Ernest R., Leading Writer   (no photo)
Turner, Henry A., Ordinary Seaman
Underwood, Arthur S., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Van Rensburg, Johannes F., Petty Officer (South Africa) SA   (no photo)
Vivian, Henry W., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Waldron, Sydney F.E., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Walker, Harry G., Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Walters, Francis T., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Walters, Harold, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Walters, Howard W., Ordinary Telegraphist   (no photo)
Walton, Robert F., Stoker
Ward, Henry, Engine Room Artificer
Warley, James M., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Wateridge, Frank, Ordinary Signalman
Waterworth, Clifford, Able Seaman
Waterworth, Harry, Able Seaman
Watson, Harold, Ordinary Seaman
Webber, George D.R., Petty Officer
Weiss, Frederick, Petty Officer
Welling, Noel., Petty Officer Cook (S)
Wesson, Donald S., Able Seaman
West, John E., Boy Seaman
White, Henry, Boy Seaman   (no photo)
White, Richard R., Stoker   (no photo)
White, William H., Stoker
Whyte, Hugh M., Leading Steward
Wilby, Arthur N., Ordinary Telegraphist
Williams, Clarence A., Ordinary Seaman
Williams, Hayden P., Able Seaman
Williams, Samuel C., Petty Officer Stoker
Williams, Thomas, Petty Officer Stoker   (no photo)
Williams, William, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Willing, Jack, Boy Seaman
Willis, Mark, Petty Officer Cook (S)
Wilton, John T., Leading Stoker
Windsor, Frederick R., Able Seaman
Winsor, Bertram P., Ordinary Seaman
Wood, Thomas R., Steward
Woodford, Leslie, Shipwright
Woodriffe, Leonard G., Chief Engine Room Artificer
Woodward, Alfred, Able Seaman
Worth, Harold W., Leading Seaman   (no photo)
Wright, Ernest, Stoker   (no photo)
Wright, Sydney, Petty Officer Supply
Wright, William, Engine Room Artificer
Wylie, Samuel, Boy Seaman   (no photo)


Royal Marines missing presumed killed.


Auchinleck, James W., Corporal
Barlow, William S., Marine   (no photo)
Blackwell, George., Marine   (no photo)
Boxall, Leslie A., Marine   (no photo)
Burrows, Verdun C.M.W., Marine   (no photo)
Chambers, George H., Marine   (no photo)
Cloughly, Norman D.S., Marine
Coppock, Colin F., Marine   (no photo)
Corner, Arthur E.G., Musician
Cray, Terrance C., Marine
Crocker, William H., Sergeant
Croke, William T., Corporal   (no photo)
Dale, Dennis I.T., Marine
Day, James E., Marine
Dick, David, Musician
Dickens, George, Marine   (no photo)
DowIe, Sidney J., Marine   (no photo)
Dubber, Ronald A., Marine
Dufton, John, Marine
Evoy, James, Marine
Facer, George B., Marine
Glover, Reginald J., Marine
Goddard, Hayward T.C., Musician
Greaves, Dennis, Musician   (no photo)
Green, Frank, Marine
Harris, Brynmor I., Marine
Harrison, Robert L., Marine
Hawkins, Thomas C., Marine   (no photo)
Hayward, Charles E.E., Corporal   (no photo)
Hendy, Norman, Marine   (no photo)
Hill, Thomas W., Marine
Hollick, Percy E., Marine   (no photo)
Hooper, William H.R., Sergeant
Hooper, William, Marine
Hopkins, George A., Marine   (no photo)
Hynard,Walter G., Marine
Joyce, Donald F., Bandmaster
Lavis, George, Sergeant   (no photo)
Lewis, Robert J., Marine   (no photo)
Lovett, Frederick C., Marine
McGuffog, Andrew, Marine   (no photo)
Medcalfe, Ernest W., Marine   (no photo)
Murch, William E., Sergeant   (no photo)
Nuttall, James, Marine   (no photo)
O'Brien, Patrick G., Sergeant (Eire) IRELAND
Partridge, George W., Marine   (no photo)
Patterson, John, Marine   (no photo)
Phipps, Reginald C., Corporal   (no photo)
Plain, Charles H.H., Musician
Poole, Cyril E., Musician
Preece, Douglas R.V., Corporal
Raby, Albert F., Marine
Raindle, William J., Marine
Randall, Douglas A., Musician   (no photo)
Reffold, Leonard, Marine
Roberts, John O., Musician
Robins, Henry A., Marine   (no photo)
Rogers, William J., Boy Bugler
Sergison, Andrew H.W., Marine   (no photo)
Shackleton,William T., Marine   (no photo)
Simpson, John W., Marine   (no photo)
Smith, Albert R., Boy Bugler   (no photo)
Sommerford, Jack, Marine
Southgate, William A., Musician
Spence, Walter A., Musician   (no photo)
Tebworth, Albert G., Marine   (no photo)
Vosper, Sydney A., Marine   (no photo)
Walford, Selby H.L., Corporal   (no photo)
Whitworth, James, Marine
Wilcock, Joseph, Marine
Willis, Oswald G.L., Marine
Wright, Stanley H.G., Marine
Young, Ronald J, Marine   (no photo)
(Gardner, Hubert R, Band Corporal)


South African Naval Forces missing presumed killed.


Adams, Thomas A., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Bullimore, Denis J., Lieutenant RM
Calder, Frank T., Able Seaman
Campbell, Roy M., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Dixon, Serfas, Able Seaman
Few, Jim, Able Seaman
Haines, Eric G., Able Seaman
Hook, Aubrey C., Able Seaman
Howard, Harold D., Signalman
Hubbard, Wallace S., Able Seaman
Kemack, Brian N., Signalman   (no photo)
Merryweather, John, Able Seaman
Meyrick,Walter, Signalman
Morris, Rodney, Ordinary Signalman   (no photo)
Rankin, Cecil R., Signalman
Thorp, Edward C., Signalman
Thorp, Francis D., Able Seaman
Wild, Ernest A., Able Seaman


Royal New Zealand Navy missing presumed killed.


Alder, Edwin P., Able Seaman
Anderson, Henry B., Able Seaman
Anderson, William J., Able Seaman
Andrew, Norman R., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Andrews, Albert G.R., Shipwright   (no photo)
Armfield, Harry J., Leading Signalman
Ashton, Lindsay R., Leading Seaman
Atkinson, Basil M., Able Seaman
Atkinson, Roy V., Leading Seaman
Ball, Jack P., Able Seaman
Barford, Bryan J., Able Seaman
Barker, Frederick R., Able Seaman
Barron, Alexander D., Able Seaman
Barstow, John A., Supply Assistant
Baskett, George R., Able Seaman
Biggs, Hudson W., Able Seaman
Birss, James A., Able Seaman
Blackley, James B.E., Able Seaman
Boaz, Ernest G., Able Seaman
Brackenridge, Ian H., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Brookes, Norman G., Signalman
Brown, Alan H., Supply Assistant
Brown, James, Engine Room Artificer
Brown, William W., Able Seaman
Brownie, Revell E., Leading Seaman
Buckley, Ross B., Able Seaman
Burt, Ian, Cook (S)   (no photo)
Button, Kenneth A., Signalman
Calvert, James W., Able Seaman
Campbell, Albert V., Able Seaman
Campbell, William A., Petty Officer
Capon, Arthur N., Leading Seaman
Carr, Patrick A., Stoker
Carrigan, John, Able Seaman
Carter, Alan H.J., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Christie, Herbert H., Electrical Artificer
Clark, Ronald H.C., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Collins, Thomas, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Cook, Norman, Able Seaman
Cooper, Howard, Supply Assistant   (no photo)
Coote, James M., Able Seaman
Corbin, Donald H.H., Able Seaman
Cormack, Colin A., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Cosgrove, Charles A., Able Seaman
Cronquest, Robert M., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Dawson, Graeme D., Leading Stoker RNZN
Dennison, George S., Able Seaman
Denton, Leo R., Able Seaman
Diehl, Arthur E., Able Seaman
Dimmock, John B., Able Seaman
Dobbs, Raymond P., Leading Telegraphist
Doussett, Edward D., Leading Seaman    (no photo)
Dyer, Robert F., Engine Room Artificer   (no photo)
Elstob, Norman J., Able Seaman
Evans, George D., Joiner   (no photo)
Evans, Victor R.D., Telegraphist
Forgie, Kauru S., Supply Assistant   (no photo)
Friedman, Maurice W., Supply Assistant
Garlick, Bruce C., Able Seaman    (no photo)
Garmson, Alan T., Cook (S)
Garrett, Kenneth E., Leading Seaman
Gibbs, William H., Engine Room Artificer
Gillan, Reginald C., Able Seaman
Gregory, Douglas A., Stoker
Hansen, George, Able Seaman
Hardie, Geoffrey B., Cook (S)   (no photo)
Harris, Herbert E., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Harvey, Douglas M., Petty Officer
Heeney, Arthur J., Engine Room Artificer
Hook, Roy D., Able Seaman
Howlison, James R., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Hubbard, Stanley J., Engine Room Artificer
Hubble, Linus E., Signalman
Hull, George B., Able Seaman
Jenkins, A. Wally J., Signalman
Johns, John W., Able Seaman
Johnstone, William, Joiner   (no photo)
Jones, Mervyn G., Engine Room Artificer
Kennedy, Ian A., Signalman
Kingdon, Stanley L., Able Seaman
Knewstubb, John W., Engine Room Artificer
Land, Arthur C., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Leckie, James C., Leading Telegraphist   (no photo)
Leyland, Frank, Writer
Lord, Lloyd M., Able Seaman
Lovett, Arthur F., Cook (S)   (no photo)
Macaulay, Desmond G., Engine Room Artificer
MacDonald, Robert A., Able Seaman
MacIntosh, Ivan W., Stoker
Marett, Hamel W., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Marsden, Harry, Able Seaman   (no photo)
McCabe, Gilbert, Able Seaman   (no photo)
McCallum, Frederick G., Engine Room Artificer
McComish, Trevor J., Engine Room Artificer
McGee, Noel F., Engine Room Artificer
McIver, Alexander H. H., Stoker
McKinnon, Philip B., Supply Assistant
McLeod, Alan J., Engine Room Artificer
McPherson, Brian E., Midshipman
Moore, John E., Engine Room Artificer
Morley, Roland, Telegraphist
Mosley, Thomas J.P., Able Seaman
Munro, Duncan P., Able Seaman
Murray, Gordon, Able Seaman
Nalder, Laurence N., Engine Room Artificer
O'Connell, Leslie J., Engine Room Artificer   (no photo)
O'Neil, William J., Assistant Cook
Patterson, Samuel J.S., Petty Officer
Payne, Stanley R.A., Painter
Peat, Reginald, Leading Signalman   (no photo)
Percival, Raymond S., Leading Seaman
Perry, Ronald J., Able Seaman
Perry, William G., Able Seaman
Petherick, James D., Able Seaman
Quinn, James B., Able Seaman
Quinn, Ronald F., Able Seaman
Raper Allan S., Leading Seaman   (no photo)
Reid, John R., Stoker   (no photo)
Riley, Bernard D., Leading Seaman   (no photo)
Robertson, Malcolm D., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Rodgerson, George, Joiner   (no photo)
Ross, John V., Able Seaman
Rowe, Frederick, Assistant Cook
Ruddick, Edward W., Leading Seaman
Scott, Jack G., Able Seaman
Simpson, Alfred G., Able Seaman
Simpson, James A., Engine Room Artificer
Smith, George E., Electrical Artificer
Steedman, John J.D., Painter   (no photo)
Stewart, John E., Leading Telegraphist
Sturgeon, Albert V., Engine Room Artificer   (no photo)
Tamplin, Edward H., Able Seaman
Thomson, Bruce M., Paymaster Lieutenant RNZNVR
Toomey, Austin K.M., Writer   (no photo)
True, Jack G., Able Seaman
Vazey, Edward H., Able Seaman
Vercoe, Henry B., Plumber
Walker, Alexander J., Able Seaman
Walkinshaw, Lewis R., Signalman
Walpole, Henry, Supply Assistant
Wangford, William B., Shipwright
Wardle, John C., Leading Seaman   (no photo)
Watson, David M., Leading Telegraphist   (no photo)
West, Selwyn F., Able Seaman
White, Morgan A., Able Seaman
White, William B., Stoker   (no photo)
Wilson, Samuel G., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Wood, Cecil J.B., Able Seaman
Wright, Cyril G., Leading Seaman
Wright, Ernest E., Signalman


Casualties of HMS Kandahar

Royal Navy missing presumed killed.


Atherton, George H., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Austin, James, Able Seaman
Azzopardi, Joseph, Leading Cook (O) (Malta)   (no photo)
Bell, Alfred G., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Bellenger, Albert S., Leading Stoker   (no photo)
Bertuello, Joseph, Petty Officer Steward
Burton, Arthur B., Leading Seaman   (no photo)
Carson, William J., Writer
Clee, Joseph, Engine Room Artificer
Collins, Leslie A., Ordinary Telegraphist   (no photo)
Connolly, William, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Cook, Henry J., Leading Seaman   (no photo)
Cooke, Albert E., Able Seaman
Cooper, Harold, Sick Berth Attendant   (no photo)
Dance, Neville F., Able Seaman
Davies, Gilbert, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Davies, William T., Petty Officer Stoker   (no photo)
Day, Roy V., Stoker   (no photo)
Dowling, Francis H., Stoker
Dunn, Alan T., Leading Seaman   (no photo)
Ellis, Francis, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Ellis, Samuel E., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Evans, William, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Fanning, Michael, Petty Officer Stoker   (no photo)
Forty, John M., Able Seaman, MID
Gibson, William T., Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Gratton, John G., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Hambly, Cyril. Albert Medal, Leading Seaman
Hancock, Albert P., Leading Stoker   (no photo)
Heal, Sydney E., Leading Stoker   (no photo)
Holmes, Ronald, Stoker   (no photo)
Jackson, James G., Ordnance Artificer
Jenkins, William G., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Johnson, John W., Stoker   (no photo)
Jolly, Frank, Ordinary Seaman   (no photo)
Jones, Robert S., Stoker   (no photo)
Jude, Herbert, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Lacey, Leslie, Able Seaman
Lewis, Bertram H., Able Seaman
Lidbury, Edmund J., Stoker
Lloyd, Cyril J., Petty Officer Stoker   (no photo)
Martin, James, Able Seaman   (no photo)
McDowell, George. Albert Medal, Leading Signalman
McFadyen, James, Stoker   (no photo)
Miller, Colin C., Able Seaman
Millington, Harry, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Moore, Samuel R., Able Seaman    (no photo)
Mulliss, Stanley J., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Needham, Thomas E., Able Seaman
Orgill, Arnold, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Pascoe, Leslie. MID, Petty Officer Stoker   (no photo)
Price, Ronald C., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Quarrington, John H., Able Seaman
Reilly, James A. F., Leading Seaman   (no photo)
Render, George W., Ordinary Signalman   (no photo)
Rice, John C.D., Able Seaman
Richardson, William, Stoker   (no photo)
Robbins, Alfred T., Able Seaman
Sanderson, Fred S., Stoker   (no photo)
Schembri, Andrew, Leading Steward   (no photo)
Shortland, Ernest C.J., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Smith, John T., Able Seaman
Speirs, John, Able Seaman
Sprackling, Sidney, Able Seaman
Starr, Thomas, Petty Officer
Tatham, Lyster J., Midshipman   (no photo)
Tindall, Charles P., Stoker   (no photo)
Towns, Robert D., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Webb, James, Able Seaman   (no photo)
Wigham, Ronald B., Able Seaman   (no photo)
Wilson, Arthur F., Leading Seaman   (no photo)
Wilson, Rupert Stanley, Engine Room Artificer
Gibson-Watt, Martin R. DSC, Lieutenant




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