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Norma Hudson, daughter of Norman Walton, has written a biography of her father, the only survivor from the catastrophic loss of HMS Neptune, a cruiser sunk in a minefield off the Libyan coast in December 1941. This unique book would never have been written if Norma had not found her father's 'ditty' box containing his diaries and stories after he died in April 2005. It gives an extraordinary insight into the tragedy of HMS Neptune and is a valuable contribution to the nation's knowledge of WWII.

Norma Hudson: Sole Survivor - One Man's Journey. Biography of John Norman Walton - Sole Survivor of HMS Neptune

The Association is now out of stock of Norma's excellent biography of her late father as, we understand, is Norma herself. Second-hand copies do however appear for sale occasionally online via eBay, Amazon, Abebooks, etc.



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