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The DVD was produced by John Mizzi and his Maltese documentary team. John is the editor of the Maltese Times. It is of a high quality and is deeply moving. Most of the video footage is taken in Malta and includes:

  • a speech by the President of Malta when he unveiled a commemorative plaque for Neptune and Kandahar in the Malta Maritime Museum
  • a joint service with the George Cross Island Association
  • visits to the Siege Bell memorial, the War Museum and to the Naval War cemetery

There are 14 interviews with relatives of casualties who describe their personal Neptune connections and these are beautifully woven into the story of the pilgrimage. The speakers in order are John McGregor, Geoff Staley, Frank Brown (HMS Lively), Norma Hudson (daughter of the one survivor), Royden Thompson, Richard McGregor, Valerie Pennifer (Kandahar), Gillian Wadden and her sisters, Dr Fenech Adami (Prime Minister of Malta), Adrian Fewins, Nick Wright, Diana Clayton, Liz Dean and Vi Cornish.

The Libyan journey relies on video footage of the boat journey in the Libyan dredger Jarif, taken by Janet Edwards (niece of Able Seaman Albert Woodward - Neptune casualty). A film clip is shown of the ceremony at the Commonwealth war graves cemetery in Tripoli, and another clip shows the emotional party put on by our Libyan hosts in a marquee following the boat journey. The final interview is with Vi Cornish, widow of Corporal James Auchinlech, the one widow able to make the pilgrimage. The DVD ends most movingly with Captain Rory O'Conor speaking. It came from New Zealand radio archives and was the Christmas 1941 message to the New Zealand families but never broadcast after the ship was sunk.




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