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Ex-neptunes group photos

Ex-neptunes group photos

Leading Seaman Martin

Paymaster Commander John Pechell Parker (Lieutenant in Neptune 1937-40)

Able Seaman John Cleator Kelly

Lieutenant Nigel Fawcett (Midshipman Neptune 1940)

Midhipman William Dundas ( one of three survivors from HMS Hood)

Stoker Richard Earp (later Chief Mechanician Earp)

Lieutenant Commander Reverend Ron Paterson

Lieutenant John Price Fleet Air Arm (died in crash in 1938)

Corporal Bert Norton Royal Marines

Captain Anthony Morse DSO (Neptune 1937-40)

Able Seaman Lofty Woodcock

Able Seaman Reg Rushton (later Chief Petty Officer)

Leading Stoker Ridout with wife Enid and daughter Eunice

Commander Jeremy Nash (Neptune Midshipman in 1939-40



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