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Radio NZ Archives - recording of NZ voices in Nov 1941

Radio NZ Archives - recording of NZ voices in Nov 1941

Those of you who attended the Book Launch of Neptune's Legacy will remember the recording played of the 1941 Christmas message from Captain Rory O'Conor for New Zealand radio, but never broadcast due to the sinking. Radio New Zealand had found the tape in their archives. On the tape, Lieutenant Woodward described what Neptune had been doing and he was followed by messages from the New Zealanders on board to their families back home.

Radio NZ Archives have a website at

Bob MacAulay(cousin of Neptune casualty Desmond MacAuley) has spoken to a Lady there who was very helpful & somewhat excited as it was the second inquiry about HMS Neptune she had had of late. A search on their website under HMS Neptune brings up 10 hits all on the recordings mentioned. Desmond was on recording #7. Click on more you will see who is talking on each tape. In all there are messages from 62 RNZN casualties. Each person on the tape also sent messages home on behalf of fellow crew who were not fortunate enough to have the opportunity to record themselves. All very moving. The cost of a CD the MacAulay family received was NZ$50.00 for tracks 16, 17, 18, and 22. Track 16 is Captain O’Conors Christmas message, 17 & 18 are History of the Neptune spoken by Lt Woodward and 22 included the track Desmond MacAuley was on. The Archive staff advise that it would be approx NZ$120 for the complete set.



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