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Graham Beeson's 1/96th scale HMS Neptune 1941

Overhead views of the port side of Graham's model

In the background in these photographs can be seen Graham's 1/96 scale model of the German "Pocket Battleship" (Panzerschiffe) Admiral Graf Spee an example of his particular enthusiasm for and erudition about the Battle of the River Plate.

The ship's bow showing the steel cable deck dominated by the anchor chains and their winch capstans.  Aft of this is the steel breakwater which was designed to deflect waves breaking over the bow in heavy seas.  Note the detail of the neatly stowed mooring hawsers, hose reels, etc.  Also note the many carley rafts on this and other photographs, some lashed to the superstructure sides, others stacked on deck.


As well as the director control tower for the main 6-inch guns and higher the high angle control sight for the secondary 4-inch guns the 12 foot range finders on either side of the bridge are more evident at this angle.  These worked to estimate target ranges for the main armament by stereoscopy.
















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