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Visit to HMS Neptune at Faslane - 5-7 May 2006

Visit to HMS Neptune at Faslane - 5-7 May 2006

Those who were able to visit HM Naval Base, Faslane were treated to an exciting, unforgettable weekend.

Our 'Host Officers' were Lt Amanda Hale, CPO Mark Crichton and Lt Will Wernham, who some of you may remember at the AGM on HMS Belfast last November when he represented HMS Neptune, Faslane.

After dinner on Friday evening, those who wished to, watched a classic wartime drama 'In Which We Serve', while the rest adjourned to the bar.

Saturday was packed full of carefully planned activities which started at 9.00 am and went on until 5.00 pm. We experienced small arms training, where there was much rivalry, after which we had a waterfront tour of the Base, then met the security dogs and some of the handlers. After lunch we were taken to the vast 'ship lift'. The Northern Diving Group then displayed an array of diving equipment, from some very old suits to the latest computerised versions. We were shown a variety of home made explosive devices which could maim or kill when opened, and were then given a demonstration of retrieving suspect bags and packages etc, using a robot.

The highlight of the day was a comprehensive tour of a nuclear submarine which involved much climbing up and down vertical ladders. We were allowed to go into many areas, and questions were answered readily. One little feminine touch in this very male environment,was the use of pink flowery covers on the armchairs and settees.

The day ended with an excellent dinner, hosted by the Base Executive Officer, Cdr Peter Adams, Cdr and Mrs James Leatherby and Lt Amanda Hale.

On Sunday, morning, John McGregor chaired a 'question and answer' session Harry Bradbear(HMS Lively) and Frank Brown(HMS Havock) answered a variety of questions about their wartime experiences Both were eye-witnesses to the Neptune tragedy.
The visit ended with a memorial service at St John's Chapel, for the men who lost their lives on HMS Neptune.

We would like to thank all those who were involved with the organisation of this excellent weekend.



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