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Wiremen group photos

Wiremen group photos

All the following photos were in the collection of Wireman Edwin Gray and posted back to his fiancee Margaret Young. There were just 8 Wiremen on board. Nowadays they would be known as Electricians.


Wireman Edwin Gray - this crumpled photo was held by his fiancee Peggy for over 60 years until she died.  Kindly sent by Adrian Robertson, her son from her later marriage


Margaret (Peggy) Young   fiancee of Wireman Edwin Gray 


Wireman Edwin Gray  - All of these photos of his fellow Wiremen were kindly sent by Adrian Robertson whom he never knew but whose father married Margaret after Edwin died



Edwin Gray on left, two other Wiremen in centre, and Wireman Harry Jones on right



Harry Jones on left, another Wireman in centre and  Edwin Gray on right




Some of Edwin's fellow Wiremen






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